Tuesday, January 1, 2013

 This Full-Head Sculpting Form is perfect for creating Professional Halloween Masks
 such as a Monster, Creature, or even Costume pieces like Helmets or Armor parts.

*  It's a generic Lifecast with Ears
*  It can be used to create Silicone & Latex Rubber Masks.
*  It can be used to create 3D Prosthetic Transfers
   (also known as Bondo Pros-aide Transfers)
*  It's made of a very sturdy Plastic,
*  It's filled with a Rigid Foam,
*  Has Keys for Moldmaking built in!

 Was $120.00 + Shipping!

 Now Only $100.00 + Shipping!!

        Shipping Size 22 X 20 X 10

ORDER HERE: http://www.davidmosherfx.com/STORE.html

(Local Customers can arrange for Pick-up)

  (Keep in mind, the S+H Rate is because it's an OVERSIZED PACKAGE!)