Monday, February 15, 2010

David Mosher FX Halfcast Sculpting form

It's made of a very sturdy Plastic it's Foam filled with a Rigid Foam, it has a generic Lifecast going back to the Ears and already has Keys for Moldmaking built in!

It's what I Sculpted my Cryptkeeper on!

Halfcast Sculpting Form
Only $28.50 + Shipping!

The only limit is your Imagination!


  1. I recently used David's halfcast sculpting form when I needed to quickly (1 day) provide some prosthetics for a famous New York based makeup artist for a top U.S. magazine photocover. Everything depended on good prosthetics - total cost for the photo shoot was in excess of $15,000.00. If the prosthetics weren't accurate the shoot was canceled and the money was lost. I can't say enough good things about the form. Since I didn't have a lifecast of the model (a well known author), David's sculpting form came to the rescue and performed beyond my expectations. Not only is it extremely lightweight and accurate, but the keys are already built into it. This saved me so much time and materials that it more than paid for itself in just this one gig. Every makeup artist should have one of these in their arsenal. No wait, I take that back. Every makeup artist should have at LEAST two or three in their arsenal!

  2. Thanks Bob, I appreciate your taking the time to post such nice comments!!

    Someone also recently asked "Can this form be warmed for gelatin and baked for foam? I have never used a foam filled form, only stone."

    No, unfortunately the Plastic surface would probably warp with Heat applied to it.

    This form is for creating generic appliances not involving heat (Latex Rubber and silicone). But if you wanted to make a stone positive for a 2 part mold, all you'd need is some lifecasting materials, and you can make a quick mold of the Form (For your own purposes, not for resale) and make yourself an Ultracal-30 (Stone) copy, which you could use to create a Foam Latex Appliance or Gelatin.

    The other Option is you can brush on a couple of layers of Alcote, let it dry, and Sculpt your Appliance pieces on the form, soak the form in water to activate the Alcote, which will make the Appliances slip off the Form after which you can lay them on a Flat Plaster surface and create your appliances on a plate mold...

  3. Hey David your halfcast form looks great. I have one question though: If the form if for halfcasts then why the keys? Thanks, -Jon

  4. Hey Jon, sorry for the late reply...

    The Keys are added to make it easier for Molding and de-Molding of your Sculpture.

  5. Interested in one. How do i place an order?

  6. Email me your information, I tried to contact you but your Profile is "Not available"!

    (My email address is in my profile...)